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Alphacrypt Light CI-Modul Rev. 2.2 + HMP Programmer

The AlphaCrypt light module is the CI module for entry into the PayTV world. It works with any CI receiver, whether satellite or cable and is suitable for foreign and German programs. As standard, Pre..

Ex Tax: 82.50€

Netzteil Universal 3-12V

Universal AC / DC 3-12V, 300mA power supply with 6 different adapter plugs, suitable for our programmer...

Ex Tax: 8.25€

Smartmouse 3,57/6 MHZ

The good old smartmouse is compatible with the smartmouse and phoenix mode and programmed with 3.57 and 6.00 MHz. Power supply: 7.5 - 12 V Inside: Plus, Exterior: Minus Datasheet with jumper setti..

Ex Tax: 8.25€

SmartReader Easymouse Plus USB

Special Offer! The Easymouse USB Reader is the latest generation of flat smart card reader with FTDI chipset. Smartmouse, Phoenix mode and frequency configurable via software! The Smartreader is rec..

Ex Tax: 24.92€

Netzteil 2-12V stabilisiert

Stabilized Universal AC / DC 2-12V, 500mA power supply with 6 different adapter plugs, suitable for our programmers...

Ex Tax: 12.42€

Jack Module Programmer

Programmer for the Jack module. Simply connect to a PC via USB and play the programmer. Modulupdate works directly in the receiver without a PC...

Ex Tax: 18.25€