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Vorführer / Restposten
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Ausstellungsstück mit voller Garantie.Mit dem UHD CHIQ TV erhalten Sie einen 65 Zoll UHD SmartTV zum Spitzenpreis produziert in der EU (Prag) mit Sofort-Austausch Servicestelle in Österreich! CHIQ..

1,029.00€ 838.80€
Ex Tax: 699.00€
Optibox EVO Linux E2 Aussteller -46%

Optibox EVO Linux E2 Aussteller

Exhibits with full warranty - special price, only while stocks last! We present Austria's most affordable Linux E2 MIPS (2000 DMIPS) FullHD Digital Receiver on Open Source E2 technology! This afford..

109.00€ 58.80€
Ex Tax: 49.00€
Alma S-2300 Combo FullHD CICX -31%

Alma S-2300 Combo FullHD CICX

ALMA - Full FULL HDTV performance at an affordable price. In addition to the Full HD SAT tuner and the CI interface, the Alma S-2300 combo boasts the USB media player and the network interface. The..

129.00€ 89.00€
Ex Tax: 74.17€
Alma S-2230 FullHD Sender-Display 2 x CI + 2 x Kartenleser *Aussteller* -42%

Alma S-2230 FullHD Sender-Display 2 x CI + 2 x Kartenleser *Aussteller*

Restposten mit voller Garantie jetzt mit neuer 4in1 Universal Fernbedienung!ALMA - Volle Ausstattung zum günstigen Preis. Der Alma S-2230 besticht nebem dem Full HD SAT-Tuner und den 2 CI-Schnitt..

100.80€ 58.80€
Ex Tax: 49.00€
Topfield TF7700 HCCI DVB-C USB mit PVR-FB *Aussteller* -73%

Topfield TF7700 HCCI DVB-C USB mit PVR-FB *Aussteller*

Topfield's new HD receiver for cable TV With 2 CI slots and USB interface for external hard drive for recording or for firmware update via USB stick! Immerse yourself in the television world of tomo..

215.00€ 58.80€
Ex Tax: 49.00€

Illusion M2C QAM DVB-C *Aussteller*

Exhibits with original accessories - offer valid while stocks last! DVB-C QAM 12 V Digital Cable Receiver Universal Conax Card Reader + RS232 Interface New hardware with extra strong tuner and SCART ..

Ex Tax: 41.58€

Clarke-Tech HD-5000C Combo Aussteller

Full Warranty Demonstration Machine, New Original Packed Remote Control The HD-PVR entry-level machine with advanced firmware - HDTV Sat and DVB-T, USB-PVR, 2xCI + card reader HDTV: Receiving DVB-S2 H..

Ex Tax: 116.67€

Clarke-Tech HD-5000 Aussteller

Full Warranty Demonstration Machine, New Original Packaged Remote Control The HD-PVR Beginner with Sophisticated Firmware - HDTV Sat, USB-PVR, 2xCI + Card Reader HDTV: Receiving DVB-S2 HDTV progr..

Ex Tax: 112.50€

ILLUSION M2S *Aussteller*

Showcase with full warranty !! LINUX 12 V Digital Receiver with CONAX Card Reader Linux Kernel and RS232 Interface BlindScan Satellite Search 4 Watt Power Consumption..

Ex Tax: 24.17€

Dreambox DM 500C Gebraucht

Used device with 6 months warranty. The original Dreambox DM500C with DVB-C cable tuner. Low stock quantity! Digital Cable Reception Receiver for TV and Radio Programs. Main feature is the 250 MH..

Ex Tax: 29.00€

Cryptoworks CAM B-Ware (HD Tauglich)

Used CRYPTOWORKS SCM CAMs revised with latest firmware! Currently also supporting the current ORF ICE smartcards. PCMCIA software update possible and compatible with the Cryptoworks encryption syst..

Ex Tax: 16.67€

Fernbedienung für Clarke-Tech 1500-3100 (gebraucht)

Used Remote Control for all Clarke-Tech SD (Non HD) Models ClarkeTech 1500/1500 PLUS ClarkeTech 2000 ClarkeTech 2100/2100 PLUS ClarkeTech 2500 / 3100 PLUS..

Ex Tax: 8.25€

Diablo Wireless CAM (B-Ware)

Diablo Wireless CAM - Same as Diablo Light but with Wireless Module for Base Station.B-Warranty, but with Full Warranty Hardware: CPU Speed ​​50Mhz Streaming Chipset 100Mhz < Wireless Connection Zi..

Ex Tax: 50.00€
Clarke-Tech HH 380 DiseqC Motor Aussteller -31%

Clarke-Tech HH 380 DiseqC Motor Aussteller

Engine of the latest professional generation with DiseqC 1.2 / USALS Go To X! This motor needs no external power supply and no control cable. Power supply directly via the coax cable! Antennas size of..

70.80€ 49.00€
Ex Tax: 40.83€