Satmedia Home All in One

Satmedia Home All in One

We present our exclusive SAT Home All in One server solution.
Our All in One "living room receiver" allows the reception of 8 different tuners via only one coax SAT line!
These 8 tuners can be used directly on the device or as streams in the network.
Also, the All in One Receiver acts as a NAS network. Thus, each network client has access to a common HDD / Movie Database.

The advantages and the essential differences to other systems are the following:

- 8 tuners are provided via only one coax line!
- The SAT> Network Server is included in the Linux SAT Receiver. With the main unit can be accessed on 8 tuners.
- The main unit is also a NAS / PVR station. Clients can record to disk or watch movies from disk
- PAYTV compatible with Multicrypt Support. Network streams are decrypted provided !!
- Youtube + Mediatheken server over Internet
- UHD 4k system
- Additional 16 free SAT connections (Unicable)

Our new system in the SET #E only needs a coax cable from the SAT mirror to the main unit (living room).
The main unit simply integrates with the network and dynamically unlocks the available 8 tuners for the network.
This means the following: Is the main receiver in standby 8 tuners for IP clients (Linux IP receiver, smartphone, tablet, PC, notebook) free. Watching TV on the main receiver is 7, TV + simultaneous recording 6, TV + double recording 5, etc. The main receiver can record 8 programs simultaneously. In this case a maximum of 8 additional clients have access to the 8 transponders used. These are mostly over 30 channels.

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Satmedia 4k Home All-in-One SET #Q (8 Tuner)

The set Q is intended for existing multi-switch systems. The Unicable switch can be integrated into the existing system.The Satmedia All In One Home Server Receiver provides 8 tuners on the receiver a..

Ex Tax: 549.17€

Satmedia Home All-in-One SET #A (Bis 2 Tuner)

Das Set #A ist unser günstiges Einsteigerset und stellt bis zu 2 Tuner im Netzwerk gleichzeitig zur Verfügung.Optimal geeignet wenn Sie die bestehende SAT-Anlage (zB Wohnung) nicht verändern könne..

Ex Tax: 165.00€

Satmedia 4k Home All-in-One SET #E (8 Tuner)

The set #E only needs a COAX line from the satellite dish to the Satmedia All In One home server receiver and provides 8 tuners on the receiver and in the network.Enjoy your SAT programs on all yo..

Ex Tax: 499.17€

Satmedia 4k Home All-in-One SET #S (8 Tuner + 2 Satelliten)

The set #S is intended for new installations, or requires an LNB exchange on the satellite mirror.The Satmedia All In One Home Server Receiver provides 8 tuners on the receiver and in the network.Enjo..

Ex Tax: 574.17€

Satmedia Home All-in-One SET #T (2 Tuner)

The set #T is our low-priced beginner set and provides 2 tuners via a coax line in the network.Optimally suitable if you want to use your SAT programs on the tablet, smartphone or in a room where you ..

Ex Tax: 207.50€