Satmedia Home All-in-One SET #T (2 Tuner)

Satmedia Home All-in-One SET #T (2 Tuner)
The set #T is our low-priced beginner set and provides 2 tuners via a coax line in the network.
Optimally suitable if you want to use your SAT programs on the tablet, smartphone or in a room where you can not lay a SAT coax line.
Another 4 receivers (2 x standard + 2 x Unicable) can be operated with this system.
See scheme / description below.

We present our exclusive SAT Home All in one server solution.

Set consisting of:
- 1 x Home All in One Server Receiver with 2-channel tuner EVO Nova Twin.
- 32GB USB stick for permanent timeshift (silent permanent recording)
- 1 x Unicable 6x LNB (4xUnicable + Twin SAT)
- 1 x 4-way distributor (1 output for the Home Server, 2 outputs still free for Unicable Receiver)
- All Plug & Play incl. Firmware backup on USB stick
- Client software for PC / Android on the USB stick
- PVR Ready (Prepared for External USB HDD)

The advantages to other systems:

- 2 tuners are provided via a coax line!
- The SAT> Network Server is included in the Linux SAT Receiver. The main unit can be used to access 2 tuners.
- The main unit is also a NAS / PVR station. Clients can record to HDD and watch movies from HDD (HDD not included)
- PAYTV compatible with Multicrypt Support. Network streams for the clients are provided unencrypted.
- Multicrypt support also directly on the main receiver (1 watch program and record at the same time decrypted)
- Youtube + Mediatheken server over Internet
- Plug / Play - device comes ready pre-configured including firmware backup on USB stick
- Additional 4 SAT connections free (2 x Unicable, 2 x SAT)

This system therefore only needs more coax cables from the SAT mirror to the main unit (living room).
The main unit simply integrates with the network and dynamically frees the available 2 tuners for the network.
This means the following: Is the main receiver in standby 2 tuners for IP clients (Linux IP Receiver, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Notebook) free. Watching TV on the main receiver reveals a tuner in the network.
If you record at the receiver while watching TV, the network clients have access to the 2 transponders used. These are mostly around the 8-16 channels.


1 x Twintuner allows unrestricted twin use.
You can connect your receiver directly to the Internet via the 100MBit Lan interface or the optional Wifi Stick.
Features and features: 2x USB2.0, 1xUSB hub, 1 x HDMI 2.0

The NOVA Twin is particularly user-friendly in its operating options. For example, the receiver can be conveniently controlled remotely via the smartphone or tablet via the Dream Player app, without first having to take the remote control of the device into the hand.

Plug & Play - Simplest installation, everything preconfigured.

Annoyed by promising devices without configuration?

Our All in One server box is based on the existing since 2008 Enigma2 Linux system, which has been stable and mature for years.
Thousands of free extensions (direct download in the menu) are available for this opensource system and is constantly being developed by hundreds of programmers.
As a customer you do not depend on the support of a manufacturer, because the Enigma2 system is compatible with all receivers!
You get the box ready preconfigured with channel list, multiroom plugins, timeshift plugins, EPGs, etc delivered.
This backup is also on the supplied USB stick. Updates can be recorded via USB stick or directly via internet.

SET #T (2 tuners via only one coax line)

2 tuners over only one coax line (is that possible?)

Yes, with the included Unicable LNB, there are even 4 receivers (tuners) available via just one coax line.
In addition, the LNB still has 2 more standard SAT connections. In total, 6 receivers / tuners can be used simultaneously.
In SET #T install the Unicable LNB on the satellite antenna. Only one coax cable to the server receiver is needed.
The LNB also has 2 additional connections (Twin LNB).
2 tuners are used by the Satmedia Home AllinOne receiver. The remaining 2 Unicable tuners are available for additional devices.
A 4-way splitter is included in the package.

2-fold twin tuner receiver

Your joy will be doubled.

Watch a program and record in parallel up to 4 further programs (on 2 different tuners).

Card reader for encrypted offers

You can flexibly and easily use the receiver's card reader to receive encrypted premium offers. Just put a smartcard in the slot and start your pampering program.

Timeshift, pause, time-delayed television

You are the boss of the Satmedia Home All in One Server Receiver.

Favorite series or football is running, the phone is ringing and you forgot to press the pause button? No problem, the All in One Receiver will automatically record in the background on the included silent 32GB USB stick. Just press the rewind button and decide for yourself, when you want to continue looking. Jump back up to 4 hours, enjoy scenes as often as you like, or skip less interesting passages. Become the master of your program, just by pressing a button!

Multiroom SAT> Network Streaming

Enjoy satellite TV everywhere.

Via network without additional cabling (eg WLAN), satellite television can now also be enjoyed on devices that do not have their own satellite connection.
The multiroom technology of the receiver delivers on the home network first-class satellite TV in every room of the household.
Available for all common systems (Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS)
With the All in One Server, you can distribute multiple live shows in parallel on your home network and stream them to your mobile devices.

Home Network (Home Networking)

By integration into your network via network cable or WLAN, you get access to all your media data - across all spaces and time-independent - with any compatible device. Experience your personal audio and video pleasure, of course wirelessly.

Remote TV and remote programming via App or Webif

Watch live TV and recordings on the go, or program your recordings on the go.

The Satmedia Home All-in-One server is also accessible from the Internet. For this, the IP of the box and 3 ports on the router must be released.
In any case, a password should be set on the home server. By default, no password is required!
All TV programs can now be accessed worldwide via the Internet via Home Clients (software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web Interface).
Keyword transcoding:
Depending on the upload speed of your Internet connection, the quality per channel for the streaming of the TV programs can be limited to eg 2 Mbps (or any other value).
This allows a smooth upload. For the download of the TV program also only 2MBit Internet speed are needed.

In the web interface you can also easily program programs in the EPG, which are then recorded. All recordings are also available through the Home Clients.

Important NOTE:
Releasing the IP address and opening the ports in the router is a security risk that hackers can use to access your network.
The release should therefore be given only when used and then deactivated again. A secure password is essential!

EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

Learn more and in advance.

One touch and you know it - the entire TV program in perfect view on your screen. Also get brief descriptions or interesting information about the program (content is channel-dependent) and plan your TV viewing, including recordings, for the next 14 days today - at the touch of a button.

PVR (playback of pictures, music and video)

Your limitless entertainment.

Use the USB ports or network to experience your holiday pictures, favorite music or videos on the connected large HD screen. Stay seated, sit back and relax. Your media is just a touch away.

1080p FullHD and surround sound

You will experience cinema atmosphere in your home.

Live TV, moments, sports highlights, movies also, of course, music TV in brilliant colors and pin sharp resolution thanks to FullHD / 1080p.
Connect the receiver via HDMI or the digital audio output with your home theater system and experience rich sound.

The product is fully configured in our factories and comes with a 2 year warranty.
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